Why Agile Sticky Notes Pt. 1? 

✓ Keep all your notes consistent
✓ Improve your ability to remember critical details
✓ Easily record information “in the moment”
✓ Set standard of a high performing agile team
✓ Show you care about quality 

Why Agile Sticky Notes Pt. 2?

✓ Stop wasting time drawing your own "boxes"
✓ Clearly defined fields
✓ Always capture relevant information
✓ High quality, original 3M Post-it® Notes
✓ Super-Sticky sheets
✓ Eco-friendly paper

Why not just any sticky notes?

Because testing with over 200 Agilists from around the world shows that it’s the little things that have the biggest impact when you are in the "flow".

✓ Simplicity, clarity and enough space to record notes
✓ Ticket no. (key) - identify task e.g for JIRA ID
✓ Task value ($$$) - Critical, High, MoSCoW, etc 
✓ Remaining Effort (weights) - count down to delivery during the sprint
✓ 3M Super-Sticky sheets


We asked a number of Agilists around the world, via Twitter the following question:

"Do you believe that physical boards add value, if practical for an Agile team?"

Here are some of their reponses...

Luca Minudel@lukadotnet  14h14 hours ago @mc_mcpa yes I do, they add context that supports sense making, and physical objects, movements & ppl interactions that helps focus & memory
Linda Halko@lindahalko  50m50 minutes ago @mc_mcpa  Physical board adds value because it is easier to communicate next to the board, and the feeling of accomplishment is bigger.
Maciej Kurek@KurekMaciej  Sep 26 @mc_mcpa yes, as long as team is co-located or there is enough trust and common visualization standards in the distributed environment.
Joscha Jenni@joscha_jenni  Sep 23 @mc_mcpa yes, for sure
Joe Little@jhlittle  Sep 23 @mc_mcpa Love physical boards.
Jason Yip@jchyip  Sep 22 @mc_mcpa Visual, tactile management adds value, yes.
Helene Valadon@helenevaladon  Sep 22 @mc_mcpa Yes I am! specially till they understoud why and how to use it and learned to communicate and work as a team
Sean Moir@facilligent  Sep 22 @mc_mcpa yes I do, they help visualise work and flow. Electronic boards may be more appropriate with distributed teams however.
Ciarán ÓNéill@C_G_ONeill  Sep 16 @mc_mcpa I do, depends on the situation but mostly I find a physical board adds a lot of value.
Brad Swanson@bradswanson  Sep 15 @mc_mcpa I do like physical boards for co-located teams. Always visible, encourage F2F collaboration
Bernd Schiffer@berndschiffer  Sep 15 @mc_mcpa As always, depends on the context, but in general, yes, I do.
Allan Berger  ⛵@allanberger  Sep 15 @mc_mcpa definitely
Toni Tassani@atassani  Sep 15 @mc_mcpa if you perceive that a focused conversation is valuable, they may add value. Having them hanging in the wall, absolutely not
Ángel Medinilla@angel_m  Sep 14 .@mc_mcpa i do, indeed. Very few things bring mostly all agilists together, this is one #GoPhisical 🙃
Andy Carmichael@andycarmich  Sep 14 @mc_mcpa Yes. Electronic boards may add further value but they don't always. Context dependent.
AgileBear Ltd@agilebear  Sep 13 @mc_mcpa Yes! We love a physical board and the control it gives the team. (And the lack of statistics for naughty management to nose into)
Agile Paulie@AgilePaulie  Sep 13 @mc_mcpa absolutely, yes ! It gives more visibility 2 teams progress & its euphoric to walk up in front of peers & moved completed work
Andrea T. Rodriguez@agilerod  Sep 13 @mc_mcpa I think that the simplicity and immediacy of a physical board is still superior to some electronic tool... for now, at least :-)
Anthony Petrucci@AgileSauce  Sep 13 Physical boards are great if they help your team collaborate, but not a requirement @mc_mcpa @AgileShirt
Mario@AgileMario  Sep 12 @mc_mcpa Short answer is if a team finds it of value, I'm all for it. If the idea requires 2+ teams, then virtual boards may be better.
V. Lee Henson CST@AgileDad  Sep 9 @mc_mcpa Yes Matthew! No doubt, as long as the focus remains on the work and progress achieved as opposed to the act of updating the board!

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